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Born Free USA applauds those circuses that decide to remove elephants from performances and encourages all circuses
and zoos globally to follow this compassionate lead and remove elephants from performances and exhibits.
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Animal suffering is an extremely
delicate subject. Especially when
talking with children.

"What Elephants Like" can help
parents communicate the message
without getting into the graphic
details. It's a beautifully illustrated,
whimsical book that appropriately
entertains and enlightens.

The shocking mistreatment of wild animals used for
entertainment has gone on far too long. Join Born
Free USA as we aim to end the exploitation of
elephants, lions, tigers, bears, and other animals by
the entertainment industry.

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Visit our page with more elephant facts made just
for kids. The more you learn about elephants, the
more you love them. And the more you realize
where they truly belong.

In the wild.

born free